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Reseller Hosting - what you do not know, but should.

Opening your own web hosting company is today's easiest source of income. This can grow into establishing your own small or maybe not so small online business. Well, the truth is it is a great headache (the unexperienced opportunists have no real idea), and it takes three to four months to launch just the  basic hosting services online. Here is an example of what you really have to do:

What does it really take to start your own hosting business?

VPS Hosting Reseller
1. Design the Web Hosting Shop
You need a website, a hosting shop where you will sell your web hosting accounts, domain names and other hosting services to your customers. The overall development of a hosting website might take you a few years, but for the official site launch you will need a minimum of 2-3 weeks. That's for a basic hosting website just to go online.

2. Build up the Website's Content
Create and organize your hosting website pages and texts, images, video contents. To secure a good start for your hosting business, a lot of SEO work on your part must take place. This is not just making a few page titles and descriptions. A lot more is required, such as:
- a unique page title (max 70 symbols recommended), a description (max 150 symbols recommended) and keywords (2-3 keywords will do the job) for every single page of your website
- a good amount of explanatory text, which is made to convince your potential clients to turn into actual ones (700 to 1,000 symbols per single page, as an absolute minimum). It should be absolutely unique from texts expressing points of view
- let's not forget the images, these are very important too
- how about adding media (Flash, video or voice files)
For this particular part you might need an extra 4-5 weeks, because this is the most important part from a marketing point of view.

3. Buy a Reseller Hosting Package
Set up a reseller hosting account with a trustworthy reseller hosting packages provider. Usually the hosting resellers go after a cPanel-based reseller hosting packages provider. The Internet is flooded with cPanel reseller packages. Not necessary the best choice, better reseller hosting alternatives are out there for sure, but you have to dig hard to find one. So, for this task, an extra week might not be enough, because you have to set up your hosting packages, upgrades, IPs, DNSs, etc.

4. Pick up the Right Hosting Platform
Choosing the right kind of web hosting platform might be a big problem. cPanel is a huge mistake, because it's a one-server hosting solution and there is no Domain Manager included in cPanel as well. This means no cloud hosting services can be resold by the resellers. But let's say you have picked cPanel at the end. Only because Plesk is way more terrible than cPanel, so is the DirectAdmin Control Panel. You see? You have no choice at all actually. Almost all Control Panels on the hosting market today DO NOT HAVE DOMAIN MANAGERS included! Almost all. Except the custom made ones, which are not available to the public. There's only one exception - Hepsia... So, you have now a WHM (Web Host Manager) tool from where you make your differently sized shared hosting packages. How about the other popular hosting services like VPS, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers, domain names and SSL certificates? Maybe we'll leave them for later?!?

5. Open a Domain Name Reseller Account
Now you must add domain registration and transfer options for your future clients. You must open a domain reseller account with some decent or popular domain registrar. Then you have to top up your new reseller account with about seven-eight thousand dollars (eNom will ask you for such an amount to get the best domain reseller prices). Otherwise your domain prices will not be very competitive. Another one to two days have just flown away.

If you go after the advanced setup, for example using the domain reseller API, another three to five weeks will simply disappear from the calendar...

6. Set up the Domain, Billing & Support Modules
The time for setting up the domain management, the billing management and the customer support management areas has just come for you. Guess what: cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin or whichever other Control Panel on the market there is, DO NOT OFFER SUCH A TOOL! At all! The domain, billing and support modules are not built within these Control Panels! Except Hepsia and vDeck, which are new ones and not really very popular at the moment. Your future customers must register, transfer or manage their domain names somewhere. And because these so popular Control Panels are not designed in a way that could serve your clients' domain needs, you have to buy an external domain management tool. It's a cheap tool actually, about $25.00 per month. So is the service it is offering. But anyway, you are short of options, who could you blame? Another two to three days might be required, as you have to link this billing system to your merchant accounts and your hosting website's shopping cart. Maybe a week will pass by.

Several login locations for your ecstatic customers
Your customers have to remember two, three and sometimes more login usernames and passwords! That's how modern today's hosting is...

7. You Got Yourself a Basic Hosting Company
After three or more months of hard work, you will get yourself a shared hosting company. Mark that one - it's a shared web hosting company, not a cloud web hosting one! With cPanel, you cannot go after a cloud hosting account offering, because cPanel does not offer any cloud hosting platforms. cPanel is a one server hosting solution. So, now you are offering domain name registration and transfer services. This is the minimum setup required for a small shared hosting company. Desire more advanced services like VPS, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers and SSL certificates? You will have plenty of time to implement them in the future, if your web hosting business goes well, of course.

8. Go Fish for New Customers. You Need Plenty of Them.
Now is the hardest task - finding your customers. This is a damn difficult thing. Everything depends on your marketing and SEO strategies. Plus, you are reselling cPanel hosting packages, meaning you cannot offer any cloud hosting ones. This makes the hosting picture we have just drawn – a not very modern one. And the cPanel Control Panel is not about to help you in this matter. It does not offer proper working demonstrational accounts, everybody could try before purchase. This is a great downside, because the customers must buy blindly, not knowing what they are actually buying. The majority of people know nothing about hosting and the various Control Panel options out there. And they should not, actually. They just want to have websites...

9. Keep Your Customers Happy & Increase Their Number as Fast as You Can
Even a harder part of the hosting business is about to come. After finding your new customers, now you have to keep them... with you, for the years to come. This is called a growth. And relying on another web hosting company is the worst scenario for you. Remember? To remind you, you have started the hosting business of yours by buying a reseller hosting account from a reseller hosting company. What if they fuck something up... And they often do. Because cPanel is a one server hosting solution. And the servers, as any other kinds of machinery - break often. Your customers will be very angry... and disappointed. And they will be quickly leaving you.

Moving the Precious Clients to Dedicated or Privately Owned Servers?
How about moving your clients from a simple reseller hosting account to dedicated servers, or maybe your privately owned cPanel hosting servers? Doing this the wrong way might be the end of your hosting business career... The chance is about 95% to make the entire client transfer wrong, because it requires a lot of complicated admin work on your end. Experience is the key here. Trust us, at this very stage, you do not have plenty of it...

Walking on the Edge of a Knife...
So, this is how easy it is to build your own cPanel-based web hosting business from scratch, starting with a simple cPanel reseller hosting account. Every next level is harder to achieve and brings more responsibilities on your end. A few moves in the wrong direction and you are about to be all gone from the web hosting market. The total absence of cloud hosting account offerings has already cut you off from the next generation web hosting market - the cloud hosting one. Who could you blame for this? cPanel was YOUR CHOICE...

How about focusing on the marketing and SEO strategies only, instead?
How about not having to deal with shopping carts and merchant accounts?
How about not having to deal with PCI DSS certification (the SAQ C or the SAQ D)?
How about not having to deal with online fraud (client order verifications or fraud checks)?
How about not having to deal with domain reseller accounts and reseller API setups?
How about not having to deal with front-end and back-end production server setups?
How about not having to deal with hosting platforms and Control Panel setups?
How about not having to deal with the provision of 24x7 reseller, client and technical support?
How about not having to deal with setting up multiple data center locations on different continents?
How about the hardware you have to purchase to make it happen?
How about the software required to make it work?
How about the money? Even if you had it, could you still be able to make it?

How about if someone else does all this for you? Free of charge.

ResellersPanel - the RISK FREE reseller hosting services provider

There is a reseller hosting service called ResellersPanel. It's completely free of charge, in terms of joining the party. The way they made it up is very simple and they have been doing this from the year 2003, quite successfully actually. For a starter or a small hosting company, ResellersPanel is the ideal solution.

No Reseller Deposits Whatsoever. No Monthly or Annual Reseller Account Pre-payments.
ResellersPanel is collecting neither any reseller service charges, nor monthly or annual fees. On the contrary, the widespread and currently very popular cPanel hosting reseller business model forces the reseller to pay for the given cPanel hosting reseller account in advance, regardless of whether the reseller has made any sales or not. ResellersPanel's business model will save the reseller quite a bit of money because the investment the reseller has to make amounts to ZERO, i.e. it is absolutely risk free. When the reseller makes sales, there are charges. When there are no sales - there are no charges. Not having to make large investments at the start of a business is very important as far as money is concerned. However, if the reseller wishes to offer a full range of hosting services on behalf of her/his own hosting brand: cloud hosting accounts, Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers, domain names and SSL certificates, she/he will have to make a very small investment, which involves buying a domain name for the hosting store and the fully operational DNS cluster that works with it. This is an obligatory tiny investment (about $29.00) for any long term presence on the hosting market.

How about being able to resell REAL cloud hosting services?
With a click of the mouse, under the umbrella of your hosting brand, you can start reselling the following domain and hosting services:
- Cloud web hosting accounts available in four data centers: in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in Sweden and in Australia
- Virtual Private Servers available in three data centers: United States, in the United Kingdom and in Australia
- Semi-dedicated servers available in the United States data center only
- Dedicated servers available in the United States data center only
- Over 50 generic and country-code Top-Level Domain Names
- SSL certficates

Set Your Reseller Prices (Domains & SSLs, Cloud Hosting Accounts, VPS & Dedicated Servers).
After you have set up your hosting brand's domain and the Private DNS cluster, all you have to do is set the prices for your cloud hosting services, VPS, semi-dedicated and dedicated server packages, as well as the prices for the domain names and the SSL certificates. Maybe beside that you would like to set your own packages and prices. When you are done with the whole setup of your web hosting company, which will take you about a few hours max, then you can focus on the most important things for the success of your brand: the SEO strategy and the marketing approach.

Reseller Hosting

Offer Cloud Hosting & Domain Accounts, VPS & Dedicated Servers in Four Data Centers Around the Globe.
Having the ability to offer to your customers hosting services in multiple data center locations (US, UK, Sweden, Australia) is a rare combination you will not find anywhere else on the reseller hosting market. But this is not the only advantage of ResellersPanel. ResellersPanel has developed a custom built web hosting Control Panel. After checking out the demo account available, you will quickly see its advantages over its rivals: cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, etc.