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50Webs - a web hosting company good to hear about.

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Industry-Leading Web Hosting Features

Whether you're a complete Web hosting newbie just looking to launch your first blog (where they offer one-click WordPress installations) or you're an experienced pro at the webmaster game, 50Webs has something for you. They offer industry-leading features, Hepsia - a well-known control panel option, and the impressive FOUR data center locations to choose from: USA, UK, Europe and Australia. Unfortunately this great data center variety is for the premium web hosting accounts only, which are cheap anyway, starting from $3.00 USD per month (if paid on annual base).

SiteBuilder Tool

All packages offer access to their SiteBuilder tool and instant backups, making it easy for even beginning web-masters to setup and protect their own sites. Unlike some other hosting companies, 50Webs also doesn't charge a setup fee so you can pay for the first month and get started right away with no extra charges. Some other hosts also charge extra for things like email hosting. 50Webs offers unlimited POP3 email accounts hosted for free.

Do you plan to host several database-driven sites? It's not a problem with 50Webs Elefante Instant Installations options (such as for WordPress) make it easy to set your sites up. You'll also have access to an unlimited number of MySQL databases, even with the smallest shared hosting package.

A Proper Shared Hosting Route

Some advanced users frown on any Web host offering "unlimited" resources of any kind. That's because they don't agree with the marketing tactic of overselling. Therefore I'm considering that a con for the purposes of this review. That said, in the 5 years or so that I've been hosting some of my sites with 50Webs (advanced plan), I've not once had a problem resulting from overselling. The fact is that many webmasters don't come close to using the full resources available to them, and it's therefore not caused any problems. However, if you choose to go the shared hosting route, you need to understand that it's a possibility.

Business Shared Web Hosting Account

I rated their pricing at 4 rather than 5, simply because you can get similar advertised resources for less. However, that doesn't mean a slightly higher price isn't worthwhile. For example, the cheaper option might be a less reliable host so you're paying less, but also getting less despite what's advertised. If you need private SSL for your e-commerce site, or a dedicated IP, you'll have to use the business shared hosting account or better.

Best Value For Your Money

As a client of 50Webs, you also get the best value for your money. No compromises. That's the company's golden rule. 50Webs have learned that the successful hosting business requires a total lack of compromises with the quality of the offered services. If you want uncompromising services at affordable prices, which offer next-generation technologies, fast servers/connections & 24/7 knowledgeable and friendly customer support, then check in the

Multi-Lingual Control Panel

50Webs also offer the Multi-Lingual Control Panel, which is very easy to work control panel and is developed in partnership with LiquidNet Ltd. Everything, which you may find useful is described in detail on each page. More than 60 Video Tutorials have been added for better orientation as well. The CP supports the following 9 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Portuguese.

A Reliable Team Support In Every Aspect

It is their duty to render your hosting experience the greatest ever. The 50Webs staff is committed to make this ambition a reality. They provide you with a stable web hosting service, modern cloud hosting technology and prices you can afford, emphasizing that your satisfaction is very important to them.