The Hosting Reseller

Become a Dedicated Server Reseller Without Investing Any Money

With the reseller hosting services on offer at, you will find the best, and the most cost-effective way to become a dedicated hosting reseller. You will not have to make any initial investments, be an expert in server administration or posses any advanced technical skills.

Dedicated Servers Reseller - No Reseller Deposits Required.

ResellersPanel's unique reseller web hosting approach allows you to have your own web hosting company and work as a dedicated server reseller after just a simple, free signup procedure. Once you are a member of the Free Reseller Hosting Program, you will be able to sell dedicated servers without ever having to purchase them. All you will have to do to make a profit out of them is to name your own retail price on top of ResellersPanel's wholesale price. The difference between the two prices will be your profit whenever you make a dedicated server sale.

ResellersPanel - the Turn-key Reseller Solution.

And to make things even easier for the resellers, ResellersPanel let's them sell also Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated servers, shared web hosting accounts, SSL certificate and domain name services. To sell them, you can use ResellersPanel's turn-key front-store templates. You can also use your own custom site thanks to the remote forms and the Reseller API functionality offered by