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The web hosting companies really differ from one another. Albeit having been in the hosting market for years, not many web hosting service providers offer multiple data center choices for their valuable clients.

US, European (UK & Sweden) and Australian cloud hosting accounts.

Regardless of its not-so-big size, offers FOUR data center locations: the USA, the UK, Sweden and Australia. That's really very, very impressive! With Lonex you can order domain-only accounts or cloud hosting packages in each of the mentioned locations (the USA, the UK, Sweden and Australia data centers).

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) in UK, Australia or United States.

If you would like to be more independent and would rather pick up a Virtual Private Server, you can choose between US, UK and Australian locations. All VPS packages of are equipped with Hepsia - the industry-leading hosting Control Panel, at no additional charge. SSH and full server root access, unlimited hosted domain quotas, etc. are also included in the standard VPS package.

Semi-dedicated and Dedicated Servers in the United States data center.

All servers offered by Lonex come with the amazing Hepsia Control Panel and with unlimited hosted domain quotas at no extra cost. The CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu Linux distributions are the Operating System options offered with the dedicated servers. Compared to the virtual, the more advanced and powerful semi-dedicated and dedicated servers are available only in the US data center.

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