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What Web Hosting Services are Considered as Basic?

Sole shared web hosting packages, mostly cPanel-based. The limitations of the modern cPanel reseller hosting accounts are big, mostly because of the single server hosting platform cPanel is built upon. The cPanel hosting reseller accounts limit the resellers to offer cPanel shared hosting accounts only. There is nothing more the resellers can do about the veriety of hosting services they can offer to their potential and existing customers.

Cloud hosting offerings by cPanel hosting providers?

No cloud hosting service can be sold on behalf of a reseller's web hosting company name due to the fact that cPanel is an old fashioned one-server-does-it-all kind of a hosting solution. The cloud hosting platform distributes the load between many groups of servers. These groups of servers are called clusters. Each cluster runs a single service: disk storage, mail, databases, FTP, statistics, Control Panel, DNS, etc.

cPanel: a one-server-does-it-all hosting platform

cPanel does not offer such an advanced cloud web hosting solution. Instead, cPanel runs all these services (disk storage, mail, databases, FTP, statistics, Control Panel, DNS, etc.) on the server where it is installed. Thus rendering the server slow to respond... and overheated (which will result in a shorter exploitation period, i.e. life).
Beware of cPanel-based web hosting services providers claiming that they offer cloud hosting packages. They say this only to attract you as a customer (using slick marketing techniques).

The problem with the formation of a long queue of tasks with the cPanel hosting platform

Can you imagine what happens when two, three, four or all the services on the server run simultaneously, at one and the same time?
A long task queue will be formed. This queue slows down the whole server's performance. Dramatically. The CPU power (regardless of how many CPUs are there) is drained and the processes waiting on the queue are served one after the other. Request by request... The more shared web hosting accounts are hosted by the server - the bigger the queues and the slower the server will be. There are more domains to be served, more emails to be sent out and delivered, more databases to be loaded, more statistics to be gathered and visualized, more Control Panels to be opened, more DNS requests to be served, more and more, more and more...

What happens when many processes run at the same time?

To better visualize the problem with the single-server cPanel-based web hosting platforms, make the following experiment with your own computer or device. Run two, three, four or eight software applications at the same time. Try to create as many tasks for each of them as you can. See what will happen. To get out of the situation, sometimes a computer restart might be required. Hold your computer under such constant stress (for longer periods ot time) and shortly thereafter you will need a new one!

Higher loads = a slower server = more heat = a shorter life...

Higher CPU loads generate higher hard drive loads. This combination increases the server's internal temperature. The effects are not only the slower server response times (caused by the long queue), but there is higher energy consumption too (because of the air conditioning system trying to cool things off). Last, but not least, the server's life shortens very quickly. An average server load of about 50% will break or entirely kill the machine in less than 3-4 months. Lower down the server's load and you will increase the life of the server.

cPanel: No domain management tools (Domain Manager) included?!?

This is what a basic web hosting service means, as per today's very low hosting standards: simple cPanel shared hosting packages. How about domain names? cPanel does not offer any domain name registration, transfer, renewal or management tools! Can you imagine that?!? And hosting is all about domains. Without domain names, hosting is meaningless. There's nothing to be served or hosted - just the IPs. And in cPanel there is no Domain Manager at all! Today, over 200,000 cPanel-based web hosting companies are out there! That's a more than 99% market share. That's how advanced today's most popular hosting platform, cPanel, is.

Are there any alternatives to the cPanel-based hosting companies?

We can think of at least one. It's ResellersPanel. We are strongly impressed by the real cloud hosting accounts availbale for reselling to all ResellersPanel's resellers. We do not want this to sound as an advertisement, but... you can judge for yourself where our fascination comes from. We have not found yet another reseller hosting provider who:

- offers cloud hosting packages for reselling. There are separate clusters of servers: the disk storage cluster, the mail cluster, the database cluster, the DNS cluster, the Control Panel cluster, the statistics cluster, etc. All clusters of servers form the whole cloud hosting service. Can you recall any other reseller hosting provider, which offers cloud hosting services for reselling to its enthusiastic resellers? (1).

- offers cloud hosting accounts in multiple data center locations. On three different continents actually: North America (the USA), Europe (the UK and Sweden) and Australia. Certainly there are very few reseller hosting companies offering multi-data center options. This is a very convenient cloud hosting extra offered by ResellersPanel, which gives resellers and customers across the globe multiple geo-location hosting options they can choose from (2).

- offers Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated hosting and dedicated hosting to be resold by the resellers as complete servers. Accompanied with SSH and full root access privileges. Whole servers. Not servers sliced down into smaller shared hosting packages with the WHM tool, as actually happens in reality. And re-sold later to the customers, which is an entirely wrong interpretation of the real designation of the VPS reseller and the dedicated server reseller services. Reselling entire servers, not just chopped shared web hosting accounts. The cPanel hosting companies call this VPS or dedicted servers reseller - an entirely wrong interpretation created by the cPanel hosting providers, as far as cPanel's limitations explained above are concerned... (3).

- offers what is probably the industry's best web hosting Control Panel, which is included by default with all domain and shared hosting plans, VPS hosting, semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers at no additional charge. ResellersPanel's web hosting Control Panel is called Hepsia and it's in-house built, offering all the management tools required for the complete control of: domains, emails, files, databases, statistics, application installers, etc. The good thing with the Hepsia Control Panel is the fully functional demo account. Direct access (auto login) to the demo sections is available, including access to the Domain Manager, the Email Manager, the File Manager, the 1-click Applications Installer, the Website Installer, the Statictics section, etc. (4).

- offers an integrated Domain Manager (totally absent in cPanel), as advanced as the Domain Managers of the domain registrar companies, because ResellersPanel is actually an ICANN accredited domain registrar. Register, renew and transfer over 50 generic and country-code Top-Level Domains, change the domains' Whois details, protect your domains' Whois privacy data, register your own Name Servers and your own DNSs at any time, edit the custom DNS records (A, MX, AAAA, etc.), park or host unlimited domains (5).

- offers a real demo account, which gives the reseller the option to drive the customer to whichever part of the web hosting Control Panel he likes. Such flexibility is not even offered by one of the best cloud hosting companies at the moment - Media Temple. The best Media Temple can do is to offer a few screenshots... ResellersPanel goes way beyond that. So do its resellers. The hosting demo account is equipped with audio and video introductions. If the customer likes the way the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel works, she/he can place an order directly from within the demo account! For the customers, this is a valuable try-before-you-buy functionality, without the need to share their personal or business details... (6).

- offers the options to commence the order process directly from within the Control Panel's demo account. There is nothing close to this in all the demo accounts of all the Control Panels offered on the domain, hosting, VPS and dedicated server market! This is an ultra-advanced marketing approach. Try to find something similar and drop us a letter. We strongly doubt you'll be able to find anything at all, on any given hosting market. Plus, the account ordering process is so natural. All in all, this is an absolutely fresh marketing approach (7).

- offers centralized login locations. One for the reseller (ResellersPanel) and one for the customer (the brandable web hosting Control Panel). With cPanel there are two login locations for the reseller (the WHM tool and the billing system) and two to three login locations for the customer (the cPanel itself, the billing system and the customer support system!). Two to three different login locations! Simplicity was not taken into account when cPanel was designed. That's for sure (8).

- offers domain names, SSL certificates, cloud hosting packages, Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers at one place - the Reseller Control Panel. The cPanel hosting resellers will have a WHM login account, a billing software account and sometimes a customer support ticketing system has to be set up, which will be the third login location for the reseller! And that's only for the shared web hosting accounts and the domain names offered. Cloud hosting accounts? How about Virtual Private Servers? What about dedicated servers? With cPanel, at the moment this is not possible. Maybe you have to wait for the next millenium. Not with ResellersPanel. At, these online products and services are already being recognized as standard reseller hosting services (9).

- does not ask for any monthly or annual reseller pre-payments or deposits. This reduces the financial risk for the resellers to ground zero levels! Usually, all hosting reseller services have to be paid at the beginning of each month, regardless of whether the reseller has made any sales or not. That's how the most popular cPanel reseller hosting model works. This is not good for the enthusiastic beginner. ResellersPanel's reseller hosting model is way better - the reseller is charged only when a sale is made. It's pretty much fair, isn't it? (10).

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